Hello! I am Rithesh Kumar, MSc student in Artifical Intelligence at Mila, supervised by Yoshua Bengio. I work part-time as an Artificial Intelligence Researcher at Lyrebird.

Earlier, I graduated from SSN College of Engineering (affiliated to Anna University) with a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. I have also spent time at Microsoft Research - Montréal and Serre Lab in Brown University.

Currrently, I live in Montréal, Québec 🇨🇦.


Maximum Entropy Generators for Energy-based Models
Rithesh Kumar, Anirudh Goyal, Aaron Courville, Yoshua Bengio
Harmonic Recomposition using Conditional Autoregressive Modeling
Kyle Kastner, Rithesh Kumar, Tim Coojimans, Aaron Courville
Poster Presentation - Joint Workshop on Machine Learning for Music (ICML 2018)
ObamaNet: Photo-realistic lip-sync from text
Rithesh Kumar, Jose Sotelo, Kundan Kumar, Alexandre de Brébisson, Yoshua Bengio
Oral Presentation - Machine Learning for Creativity and Design Workshop (NeurIPS 2017)
SampleRNN: An Unconditional End-to-End Neural Audio Generation Model
Soroush Mehri, Kundan Kumar, Ishaan Gulrajani, Rithesh Kumar, Shubham Jain, Aaron Courville, Yoshua Bengio
Poster Presentation - ICLR 2017
Select Projects

Reproducing Neural Discrete Representation Learning
Rithesh Kumar, Tristan Deleu, Evan Racah
Final project - Representation Learning
Reproducing Handwriting Synthesis and Prediction
Rithesh Kumar
Open source project
Reproducing What You Get Is What You See: Visual Markup Decompiler
Rithesh Kumar, Rithesh Rohan, U. Sivashanmugam Undergraduate Thesis